Redesign Flash Site to WordPress  | GE MEDIA Redesign Flash Site to WordPress

July 4, 2013 owner required a website redesign built with wordpress so that she could start blogging to promote her business online. The existing website was previously built with Flash using moonfruit. Because it was built with Flash, this had limitations in mobile/tablet devices that do not support Flash. The html version of the site was not very professional looking.

We advised the Customer that it would be beneficial to rebuild the site with wordpress and do away with the flash version. This would achieve 2 goals, the first in giving the Customer the blog she wanted and 2nd giving her a website that would look the same when viewing on mobile/tablet computers.

To acheive the same look, we used the default theme from WordPress (Twenty Twelve) and completely modified the design to make it look as much like the original site as possible. Using Custom page templates and modified CSS code we were able to achieve the results the Customer was looking for.

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